Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Congrats to Phil on ShakesStock!

Professors explore Shakespearean acting through multimedia
WAUKESHA, WIS.—An interdisciplinary duo of Carroll University faculty have embraced the digital humanities in an innovative project that will help students of Shakespeare explore the nature of acting.

Philip Krejcarek, professor of art, specializes in the study and practice of fine art photography. John Garrison, assistant professor of English, is a scholar of Renaissance literature. Together they spent summer 2013 visiting theater companies around Wisconsin to document how actors bring Shakespearean characters to life on the outdoor stage.

Krejcarek and Garrison became interested in Wisconsin summer theater because, in many ways, it replicates the basic conditions of theaters in the Elizabethan era. "Performing outdoors and with limited props, these theater companies excite audiences with the immediacy of the theater that might very well have been experienced by audience members in Shakespeare's time," Garrison explained. Wisconsin is home to three such companies that focus almost exclusively on Shakespeare – Optimist Theatre in Milwaukee, American Players Theatre in Spring Green and Door Shakespeare in Baileys Harbor....

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Helpful Hints to Photograph Flowers

Phil has covered these topics in the seminars, but I thought some of you would enjoy reviewing again and going out to practice. Remember to post your photos to to the blog afterwards!