Monday, October 8, 2012

"That Tree"

I had to share this link.  Mark Hirsch (a Wisconsinite photographer) has turned this grand old tree into something so much more grand - all with his little iPhone.  Who needs that DSLR?  I regret that I didn't know about it until now, I've missed a half of a year of his photos.  

If you want to see more photos, check out his Facebook page called "That Tree."

Sign me up for the Bjorklunden iPhone Photography Course next year! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stanley Preps for the Packer Game and Appreciates Autumn

Stanley and I enjoyed an autumn outing right before the Sunday Packer game. The fighter jets (that fly over Lambeau at the start of the game) were practicing overhead to add to the excitement, and it was a beautiful day to be in the woods and lakeside. We enjoyed our time together, but Stanley is on the move again...this time to Sturgeon Bay! Happy Autumn, Claire

Packer-fan Stanley was looking a little crabby when I suggested a canoe "ride."
                                                                     Rock on, Stanley!
                                          Saturated Stanley
                                                                                           Bug-like Stanley
                                                                 Twinkle-eyed Stanley.
Stanley avec un chapeau
                                                             Repeating Patterns
                                                            Black and white bug-like Stanley

                                                                Picasa-edited Stanley