Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking forward to photography at Bjorklunden!

And looking forward to seeing you all up there again. I just got back from a birding class at Bjorklunden, which was fabulous as Sam would say, but the first night was weird because I kept looking for YOU guys. I DID wear my Photo 2011 T-shirt, which was noticed. (I also wore it to a UWGB Learning in Retirement photo class in the fall--I'm like a walking billboard! :) The food, lodge and fellow students are as great as ever. I had fun taking photos of spring flowers, birds and bugs on the Bjorklunden trails and in the nature conservancy areas we visited for birding. I'm also signed up for Suzanne Rose's photo class at Bjorklunden in October. (I told Sam they should just let me move in permanently! :) See you in 38 days and have safe travels up north.
Claire Weiser

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

39 days till Bjorkulunden!

We are down to 39 days till Björklunden 2011! A number of us are counting the days. While the class and lodge have been full for a while, those of use coming back this year can complete Step 11 and prepare for Step 12 of the Björklunden Withdrawal 12 Step program.  See Below. For those that ordered sweatshirts or t-shirts from the 2010 class, let's plan on wearing them Sunday evening to welcome each other back and greet our new Björklunden Photo-mates.

11. Sign up for the Photography/Photoshop seminar in 2011 when the schedule is announced in early 2011. Email all your Björklunden friends to tell them you are coming back and cannot wait to return. Begin wearing your Björklunden gear again.

12. Upon return, come in on Boynton Lane drive off of Highway 57 as this is the fastest and most direct route back to the lodge. Once through the door at the main entrance. breathe deeply the air of Björklunden, taking in the Björklunden smell. Greet old friends and look forward to the new ones you'll make. Sit at the unofficial photography seminar table(s) for the Sunday night meal. Settle in and begin to ready yourself for another great week of food, friends, and photography.

We cannot wait to see you all again and be back together again.