Saturday, July 30, 2011

Björklunden is Coming...


Tomorrow, we can complete the 12 Steps to Björklunden Withdrawal! It will be Epic!

12. Upon return, come in on Boynton Lane drive off of Highway 57 as this is the fastest and most direct route back to the lodge. Once through the door at the main entrance. breathe deeply the air of Björklunden, taking in the Björklunden smell. Greet old friends and look forward to the new ones you'll make. Sit at the unofficial photography seminar table(s) for the Sunday night meal. Settle in and begin to ready yourself for another great week of food, friends, and photography.  Also, remember to wear your Björklunden Photography shirts/sweatshirts so everyone at dinner will know who the cool kids are!

See you at the Lodge for dinner!

PS. We'll be in the Lakeside Seminar room this year-- the one straight behind the registration table as you come through the main Lodge Entrance. When you get there, come say hello to us! We'll be in there setting up.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children's Shoes needed for Pam

For those of you who remember Pam from last year's class (Sam Szynskie's mom), she is currently doing mission work in Panama, and they need donations of children's shoes, most specifically sizes 10-2, both boys and girls.  This is off her Facebook page:

FRESH OFF THE PRESS... WE NEED BOYS AND GIRLS SHOES SIZES 10-2. Just got notified from our fellow friends from the mission that 500 pairs of shoes where handed out and the bigger sizes are in demand. Thanks everyone!
If you have access to any gently used shoes from family or even a Good Will or other thrift shop, please bring them to Björklunden on Sunday and I'll collect them for her. She will be stopping by to say hello some evening as well. They have put all their money into the mission, and don't have the funds this year to attend.

On that note, see you in 7 days and 4 hours!!!!! I can't wait!