Friday, October 22, 2010

A Foggy Summer Morning--excuse me

Well, even tho I thought I had downloaded some photos, they aren't there. I'll try again tomorrow. Sorry I'm such a beginner!--Ruth

A Foggy Summer Morning

I'm not sure if you have received the photos or the previous text, so I will repeat my comments. By the way, I have more photos for this, but I could only add 4.

This summer, wile drivin to work early one August morning, I noticed what cool scenes were created with the sun rising through the fog. The next day, I started out earlier, with my camera but unfortunately did not take the tripod. I liked the photo projec tso much (except for the graininess of the earliest photos) that I had a Kodak soft-cover book made. That taught me a lesson about being careful (typo) and looking more critically at the photos before using them. I filled in the blank pages with haiku related to the scenes.

The first scene with the moon: Somewhere else this dawn
The moon slides down a clear sky,
Chased by the sun.

Road with pink sky: Here, the clouds hug grass,
Diffuse the slightest color,
Create mystery.

The power poles marching: Even ugliness,
Marching across the landscape,
Is softened by fog.

The field with faint pink and layers of low-lying fog: Subtle, subtle change,
Streaks of vapor lying low,
A hayfield awakes.
Enough for now.--Ruth

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enjoying this amazing autumn!

I've been shooting some. After my surgery I could only slowly walk around my yard and not bend over, so my challenge was to shoot pictures only at eye-level, kind of backwards from what we did in class, but it was surprising what I could find. It was good mental therapy to get out and about! I'm also in a photography class through Learning in Retirement, affiliated with UWGB. I wore my Bjorklunden Photo Tshirt to the first class, just like a walking human billboard, and generated a few comments and questions. We've shot at the bayshore and the zoo. I've also been walking daily in Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve (700 wooded acres with lakes) near my house and have taken many photos in there. My high school friend took the Bjorklunden watercolor class in September with only 8 other people and no other classes going on; that would be quite a different experience than the week we were there! She quite enjoyed it. Since our class, I've had trips to Victoria, BC and South Dakota, and am looking forward to visiting Arizona, Toronto, and the Florida Keys in the next few months. Hope you are all well, take care, Claire

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweatshirt Update!

The unprinted sweatshirts have arrived at my doorstep! (much rejoicing) I hope to have them to the print shop soon. We are getting closer.

What's everyone been shooting these days? Post some pictures. I haven't been shooting much, but have a memory card to "develop" and see what I have from some shots this past weekend.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phil's latest work

Phil's latest work in collaboration with artist Eddee Daniel of Milwaukee:

"Inside/Outside is an invitational exhibition/installation sponsored by and located at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, which is at 2145 W. Brown Deer Rd. in Milwaukee. Phil Krejcarek and I collaborated on the installation, which involves found, recycled, functional construction fences and fabricated, non-functional sculptural ladders.

To learn more about the Gardens go to

To learn more about the photography project that inspired this installation go to Accidental Art on my website at "