Sunday, August 8, 2010

Björklunden Photography 2010 T shirt design options

Bethany and I worked on two t-shirt designs this morning using Phil's silhouette class photo. We have the designs saved on so that you can pick out your own t-shirt style (e.g. Mens/unisex, women's and specific cut and size). Then you can pay and have it shipped directly to you so that we don't have to worry about collecting checks and mailing shirts as it won't save much money to do it ourselves over just ordering it personally from CustomInk. So, how do you order a t-shirt?

Pick whether you like the black tshirt or white tshirt option (you can pick different ink colors if you'd like to later).

Make custom t-shirts at

Make custom t-shirts at

Then, click on the BUY option at the bottom of the box containing the shirt you prefer. Then click Place Your Order Now which will take you to the CustomInk website. (If you hold CTRL when you click on Place Your Order Now, it should open a different window so you can see both this blog with the directions and the CustomInk ordering site. Mac users hold Command when you click on Place Your Order Now). If you like the design and shirt style "As Is," then click the orange checkout button. Enter your size and quantity, then proceed. Since the shirt is designed under my email address, if it asks you to name the design or enter/confirm email address, just add in your own address (&/or design name- which can be any 10 characters).

If you want a different style of shirt other than the basic unisex shirt, or want a different color, then it gets more complex. I'll try to write out some directions. First, when you get to the first CustomInk screen, instead of clicking on the orange Checkout button, click the EDIT button (gray) to the right of the t-shirt sample. On this screen, click Swap Item-- the first/ yellow circle at the top of the box.

On the change color/item screen, the top option is to Switch to a different product. Click this, then click See All Categories to change style of tshirt. Mens/Unisex will be under T-Shirts. Cuts specific to women will be under Ladies. Under each option style, look for Min Qty and pick a sytle that says Min Qty 1. When you pick a style, then choose a t-shirt color from the swatches under "Popular colors for any quantity" Probably it'll be white or black, though some may have a couple other options. When you change the shirt style, you may have to then click on the design itself and then pick the Center Across option from the box on the left of the screen.

If you pick a color that is dark (for the darker logo) or light (with the lighter logo), you'll want to change the color of the printing. To do that, click on the logo itself over on the t-shirt design preview box on the left (the one with the picture of the model wearing our tshirt). Then you can pick the color of the logo under Color Option/ Choose Your Color. When you are happy with your tshirt style, color, and color of the print, you can click on GET A QUOTE. There you can enter your size and see how much it will cost ($20-25 depending on the style of shirt). Make sure the design is centered on the shirt (see picture above). If you've changed the colors at all, it may ask you to save your design and enter your email address before ordering. Once you do that, you can proceed to shipping and place your order.

If you have problems/questions, or cannot figure out my directions or the page, call me or the customer service at CustomInk. If anyone has a better idea of how to do this, feel free to suggest it. I am open to ideas.


  1. so... which number is this on the 12 steps?! haha

  2. Thanks so much for designing this and setting it up. I've ordered mine (organic ladies) :) Your directions were excellent. The design has a real Rorschach-look to it, which is cool -- I think because of the three upside-down figures. I will proudly wear it now and next year!

  3. Awesome, Claire! I'm glad you have a t-shirt on the way! I plan on getting one and maybe a sweatshirt too!